Starting on April 23rd a large part of Modest fashion lovers has turned the attention to a long awaited event. It's Ramadan time.

Since the very beginning of the Holy Month, or even before, it has been quite easy to cross roads with announcements or advertisements concerning the launch of a Ramadan edition collection by big fashion houses.  Ramadan time is a month where fasting and praying allow people to make personal reflections, but it'a also a time to celebrate with the loved ones and when you celebrate a special occasion, you deserve to look for feeling special .

Since a few years big retailers such as Net-à- Porter and Macy's have regularly launch their Ramadan edition and if we go back to memory lane we found brands such as DKNY with a Ramadan capsule collection in 2014 ,  H&M and Mango ( just to name a few).

Going further this year, also Uniqlo and Asos have brought to the market a new collection by choosing Modest fashion ambassadors as cover face, right in time before Ramadan. As far as Uniqlo, on April 16th the Japanese maison introduced an e-collection ( available online only for now) in collaboration with Hanna Tajima, the New York-based and British-born designer,  for a wardrobe made up of long sleeve tunics , wide ankle pants , flare long skirt , all in a collection aiming at celebrating the natural movement of women's body.

Ph(c) Uniqo & Hana Tajima on

Hana Tajima has been one of the leading ambassadors for Uniqlo since its Fall/Winter 2015 line , launched with a great success in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, as a clear engagement for the brand to promote diverse lifestyles and cultural settings.  Since then the collaboration between the two took wing with Hana Tajima for UNIQLO AIRism Inner Hijab and Hana Tajima for UNIQLO AIRism Printed Stole. Those selections were also part of the exhibition "Items: Is Fashion Modern?" organized at The Museum of Modern Art in 2017, within the modesty section entitled "Emancipation/Modesty/Rebellion".

Hana Tajima for UNIQLO AIRism Inner Hijab

As far Asos, the British e-retailer features US-Sudanese fashion influencer Shahd Batal for a brand new modest wear style edition. With a huge following on YouTube, Shahd Batal, a 23 years old young woman who choose to wear hijab three years ago, signed the Shahid style edit online with her personal selection of Asos outfits just in time for Ramadan and Eid. Shahd Batal become so the fresh Millennial face of the popular e-brand as a young powerful young Black Muslim woman with an entrepreneurial soul. Her style encompasses a mix of loungewear with workwear or feminine pieces with masculine pieces, i.e. high neck maxi satin dress, long sleeve organza top with ruffle sleeve , cropped tracksuit jacket with color blocking. A perfect match for Asos' large target audience and a way for exit a traditional representation.

Uniqlo and Asos are two clear examples of how Ramadan Modest inspirations sneak in popular retailers , with a range of affordable and comfy options that can be easily mixed and matched for an every day look.

I am sure there are many other Modest fashion inspirations out there, that could be the perfect companion for women during this month.

From Australia, Indonesia, Middle East, East, Southern, North , Western Europe , Africa, Usa and Latin America , feel free to send me with YOUR Modest fashion edit for Ramadan.

This is where to reach out : iamshahrazad@gmail

Stay home & Stay strong!

Photo cover by Mostafa Meraji on Unsplash