Iamane Asry, better known on the social media as Fashion with Faith, on January 17th has been awarded the Look of the Year in collaboration with L´Oréal Paris  , during Elle magazine gala in Sweden.

Voted by Elle's readers and followers, every year the Swedish version of Elle magazine releases its nomination of personalities playing a significant role in fashion and whom are contributing to its changing.

This year the look has changed and the first to be amazed was Mrs Asry herself. Student of Economics , with her "Scandi-modest-chic" style, as she defines it , Imane Asry was awarded this incredible prize.  Another clear and fresh example of how the fashion system is step by step including Modest fashion ambassadors as truly part of its organizations.

Already rumored in the end of 2019, it seems that front rows fashion runways are over-populated by the same faces all the time, although designers and creative directors are expanding the length of their collections to wrap up a wider audience.

"I think my style reaches out and inspires so many, not just Muslim women. But also that many can identify with my work. This is a confirmation that it is more than time for us to start normalizing the hijab in the fashion industry. Fashion is for everyone." - Imane Asry interviewed by Elle magazine.

However not all the Looks watching the event celebrated properly the news from the Gala. Someone questioned the kind of message that Elle wants to convey to their audience , since they "let" Modest fashion being part of that event. The answer is gently explained : ELLE's readers voted for the winner, that means they love the person who won. They love her style, her sensitivity, her personality, her approach to the audience, the way she talks of fashion and within fashion. Without political or stereotyping lessons. Imane's power lays in her ability and her brave work to make women sharing a commun pool of values and beauty.

Check out Imane's video interview on Elle magazine Youtube channel right after the ceremony. By the way, the pink kimono dress she wore is stunning!

Cover Photo credits : retrieved from Elle magazine