Le temps de la reprise. It's time to start again.
We're back to physical , we're ready to discover , our eyes are starving for beauty.
In this time frame, fashion, creativity and people have never stopped and if you're looking for something new in Modest fashion, something inspiring, a new vibe, this is the right place where to stay.

Have you ever think about a unique address where to find a selection of Modest fashion collections?
We've got the answer.

A warm welcome to the first French multi-brand e-boutique ORDESTIE, a brand new platform launched in December 2020 with the aim to build a unique digital place hosting a wide range of Modest fashion brands , with a personal approach to inclusivity and ethics.
Soukaïna Jaafari and Maud Garnier , the two founders, started this amazing journey in February 2020 before the pandemic and -thanks to technology- they started discussing and e-brainstorming about something that could passionate both of them , based on some pillars: sharing, creating value and love for fashion.

With a powerful business background and entrepreneurial attitude, Soukaina and Maud put their forces together and came up with the idea of creating a fashion environment that could breakthrough diktats , stereotypes and embracing the fondamental values of living together, where women could unveil her real essence, her value and take back a truth representation of themselves in a Modest way.

ORDESTIE WEBSITE https://www.ordestie.com/

Sticked to those principals, ORDESTIE fosters sustainable and ethical Modest fashion, celebrating universal beauty.
For this reason ORDESTIE features Modest fashion brands - well know in the French Modest scene- such as Koolchee, Misstoura, Charisme, Barcha, Toucoulor, Anavaparis.

Eco conscious swimwear by Anava Paris- available on Ordesite e-boutique - PH(c) Ordestie

The brands are selected according to specific criteria:

  • sharing the same ethical values and inclusion
  • attention to sustainability in fabrics and all along the manufacturing process
  • having a Modest offer , such as tunics, kimonos, long sleeves , hijabs, long elegant trousers, turbans and accessories to glam a Modest style .

As Maud stated , "through ORDESTIE we want to offer to women a selection of pieces that are the best answer for their needs , so they do not have to force to adapt to a fashion style which is not her".

PH(c) Ordestie 

ORDESTIE wants to promote a definition of Modest fashion that's the most considerable one: to value women and their personality, to highlight the multicultural aspect of the Modest movement and then the crucial aspect of inclusivity : from Paris to Jakarta, Modest fashion is the only movement that has a strong community worldwide , based on remarkable principles of championing every single woman and her value.

Combinaison beige by Toucoulor brand - available on Ordestie e-boutique Ph(c) Ordestie

ORDESTIE is open to Modest fashion brands beyond France and wishing to contribute to a conscious Modest fashion offer.

As told by Soukaïna : “La Modest Fashion, c’est la liberté. Elle donne le pouvoir de s’habiller pour soi-même et non plus pour le regard de l’autre. C’est la liberté d’être soi.” The freedom of being yourself and get dressed for YOUR beauty !

To discover more about ORDESTIE and the brands available , check out the website. You'll also find out some great guides for you Modest looks !

A special thanks to Maud and Soukaina for contributing in nurturing a marvelous Modest fashion conversation.

PH(c) Ordestie-