Early February in Dubai starts with the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, the annual international literature festival held in the United Arab Emirates.

For its 12th edition, running from February 4th up to the 9th, #EMIRATESLITFEST welcomed more than 130 writers, novelists, journalists, communicators contributing to create the literature panorama in the MENA region.

"Modesty: a Fashion paradox", written by Hafsa Lodi, American journalist relocated to the UAE who covered fashion in the Middle East for the past decade, it's the breaking-book presentation appointment of this edition.  On February 7th, in a session during the Emirates Literature Festival , together with Ghizlan Guenez, Ceo & founder at the Modist and the first hijabi model Mariah Idrissi, Hafsa Lodi launched in avant-premier her book,  that will be available worldwide starting from March 19th.

Although we are more accustomed in looking at Modest fashion, rather then reading about the subject, Hafsa's book will contribute to nurture a rising literature around the Modest movement. Among the first writers on Modest fashion we can retrieve " Modest Fashion: Styling Bodies, Mediating Faith", written by Reina Lewis, Professor of Cultural Studies at London College of Fashion. Released in 2013, when the movement was still in its early bird phase, Lewis' book is an accurate study and research on the Modest costumes rising up at that times. Seven years later, times have changed and a niche has boomed .

Lodi's inspiration in writing this book came from different rencontres with entrepreneurs, bloggers and ambassadors, as she wrote in this article on Gulf News, but the very first moving reason lays in the need of giving a wider room where to discuss about this subject, instead of a usual small column on a magazine.

As Lodi's states " the modest fashion movement is bold, upbeat and being driven by millennial Muslims."

During the session at #EMIRLITFEST for the launching of this nonfictional book, the "fashion paradox" mentioned in the title was addressed: how can fashion be modest if fashion itself means to attract attention and get a social presence?

We can try to give an answer before reading the book: Modest fashion attracts attention because of the message conveyed by their ambassadors . Different styles, different ways of covering for each single person who feels their set of values to be matched by the counter part. Modest fashion is an answer to a socio-cultural transformation and costumes have always been the mirror of society.

Not a surprise that History of fashion courses can include soon a little short session of history of Modest fashion too.

Congratulations Hafsa for starting this conversation and giving more space to explore Modesty!

Cannot wait for the book to be released worldwide in March on Amazon UK!

"Modesty: a fashion paradox" cover book feat. Mariah Idrissi