Latest Paris Fashion week was a great occasion to spot some Modest fashion inspirations and this time we found our bonheur at TRANOI Richelieu in Paris, which housed London Showrooms, a selection of brands in collaboration with the British Fashion Council and a dedicated space to emerging brands by Dreems NYC.

TRANOI trade show is one of the coolest event held in Paris four times a year, with the aim to connect international avant-garde designers and contemporary brands with buyers, influencers and key opinion leaders during the Parisian fashion week. Since 2008, when British Fashion Council launched LONDON Showrooms , the event has gathered talented and visionary designers, with a unique and personal approach to contemporary fashion.

As far as our research for Modest inspirations, climbing up the stairs of Atelier Richelieu, We met up with Paula Knorr.

Paula launched her homonymous brand PAULA KNORR with a vision to create evening-wear that re-defines what it means to be sensual, beautiful and glamorous. Coming back and forth between the UK and Germany, Paula committed to design pieces which are body friendly and with a focus on empowering the women who wear them. To breath and move freely.

As a contemporary brand, in line with the actual fashion urgence, the brand has always pursued the crucial goal of being a meeting point where sustainability and glamor can exist together.  For this reason PAULA KNORR AW20 collection will be the first eco-friendly evening wear collection, made up of recycled sequins, eco-responsibly produced silks, regenerated nylons and deadstock fabrics. Thanks to her sustainable approach, since 2016 PAULA KNORR brand has been supported through the British Fashion Council’s initiatives NEWGEN and FASHION TRUST.

Paula Knorr brand at London Showrooms @TRANOI Richelieu in Paris _ Feb2020

The brand stocks at selected stores such as Galeries Lafayette Paris and Harvey Nichols London and it received a huge welcome from Middle Eastern customers looking for a certain length in their dress.  Browsing the collection, PAULA KNORR brand introduces a style that perfectly matches a request for being stylish and covered at the same time. Her color palette spans from a dark black dress bejeweled with sparkling gems on cuffs and in the end of its length, stepping into a vivacious and elated orange mixed with purple recalling the color of life, to metallic sparkling fabrics.  A little coup de coeur : a long dress which can be a perfect option for an abaya , that is long black dress covered by an orange/purple cloak with broad sleeves . Perfectly Modest!

Exploring a lit bit more Atelier Richelieu we came across a selection of brands by DREEMS on Air, fashion consulting agency based in NY.

Modest inspirations came from the Dutch brand SHOTOF , with a wide range of chemisier dresses with a soft and smooth line, styled with delicate and romantic bottons on the hemlines. The softness of the fabrics is something outstanding!

Talking about refined fabrics and elegance, the New York based brand NAN SEO was the interpreter of a noble and minimal design, combined with a high quality in creating a cashmere brand, in a mission of empowering the quality of artisans' life in the small factories in Mongolia. An ambassador of noble luxury cashmere with a vision of supporting a respectful international trade , integrity and to convey a message of cherish each single individual, sharing in this way a Modest value of lifestyle.

NAN SEO collection at DREEMS - TRANOI Richeliu

Going East , we finally landed to Japan with MIKAGE SHIN brand.

Mikage Shin has previously shown its collection during NY fashion week and she has been selected to walk a special runway during latest Paris Fashion Week . Some pieces to be retained : long tartan wrap skirt and smooth long black coat rocked by laces and belts.

Check out more about those brands at DREEMS and discover TRANOI Richelieu !

Cover pic courtesy by Paula Knorr lookbook.

A special thanks to TRANOI showroom and all the designers for their warm and kind welcome ;)