Art and fashion, fashion and art. The perfect binomio of two sisters going hand in hand, sharing passion and creativity above all.

Since a couple of years Modest fashion has conquered the attention of art curators and we've seen a special exhibition celebrating Modesty, released for the first time on September 2018 at de Young Museums in San Francisco.

Contemporary Muslim Fashions has been the very first exhibition showing how Islamic cultures can have a real power in the fashion environment, by exploring the complexity of Muslim dress codes worldwide and by revealing how Modest fashion can be truly inclusive by catering to Muslim and Non-Muslim women.

Organized by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco with the precious work of Jill D’Alessandro, curator in charge of Costume and Textile Arts and Dr. Reina Lewis, consulting curator, Contemporary Muslim Fashions is another  green tree in the boulevard of Modest fashion affirmation worldwide, not as a temporary trend to follow for a season, but as a real industry influencing all the cultural spheres. The exhibition shows the different declinations of Modesty according to its inner voices who made Modesty become a true conversation. More than 50 established and emerging designers in high-end fashion, streetwear, sportswear and couture from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, the UK, Pakistan, USA, France and Iran and a photo gallery created by more than 40 selected photographers.

From San Francisco the Modest art exhibition moved in 2019 to the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt for its unique stop in Europe and the travel has ended yet.  A year after, Contemporary Muslim Fashions is back in the East Coast, at Cooper-Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York, opening the doors this February 28th and running the exhibition until August 23rd.

Contemporary Muslim Fashions at Cooper-Hewitt , Smithsonian Design Museum in NY from Feb28th 2020

Contemporary Muslim Fashions exhibition has been a pioneer in paving the way for creating special events to celebrate art & the Modest fashion design.

The Stedelijk Museum Schiedam in the Netherland has recently ended up a successful exhibition celebrating Modest Fashion . By marrying contemporary designers with contemporary art, the exhibition wanted to highlight a Modest statement of cultural exchange enhanced by Modest fashion itself . Curated by Dutch-Moroccan artist Rajae El Mouhandiz and curator of design at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Alexandra van Dongen , Modest Fashion * An international phenomenon in art and fashion introduced a selection of fashion collections by well known brands , such as Bouguessa, Hussein Chalayan, Dior, The Row, with the aim of showing the universal language of Modest.

Selected as Art Partner during the latest Amsterdam Modest Fashion Week , the Stedelijk Museum has contributed as a catalyst to improve the Modest conversation in Europe , thanks to dedicated activities all along the exhibition ( to be retained: a special educational initiative named Modest fashion MBO program).

Galleries , museums and all cultural spaces are great gathering spots where people can learn to have different eyes and they can start questioning , listening and where to be more curious to explore, especially fashion phenomenon.