Last month I come across an interested article published on Vogue Business announcing that those brands giving a privileged space to sustainability, inclusivity or both will be favored in 2020. Going through the article , the message was clearly stated: "Investors expect more deals for sustainable and inclusive brands in 2020“.

Sustainability and inclusivity the two pillar terms - the bulk of the novel- both in fashion and beauty . Yes, indeed , this scene has finally come to town.

Brands must have a voice that speaks for a social cultural environment. That means to find the right spokesperson who can embody both company and customers’ value , by creating a direct communication. As we read through tons of articles : the most popular person cannot speak for everybody , but rather go searching for the right one who can stand for values in a binomio.

We already saw that Modest fashion was among the most researched words in 2019 - as per a research conducted by Lyst. This as a consequence of a need for more inclusivity in the fashion system and the beauty field could be called in as well.

Modest women search for their own style , despite other current trends. A large part of Modest customers marry principles of an ethical life , which is in liaison with a sustainable and valuable choice of skin care and beauty products.

Thinking about Modest customers in the MENA region, a predominant need is for no alcool & no animal sourced products. In other terms we can argue halal, even though the concept is wider and will need a more accurate description.
Beauty brands will have a call to answer to group of consumers who haven’t been considered for so long time. And the phone is ringing right now.

They will have to answer to a specific question : “How far could you go ? How many women can you support / embrace / represent ?”

Not to forget , how can you position and map you business in this sense?

Let’s move a little bit far, thinking about Asian brand Wardah , which took part as a sponsor in several Modest fashion weeks . Wardah is a halal skincare brand , well established in Asia Pacific , catering mostly Muslim women but considering also a larger part of consumers in the region ( expats or people belonging to different communities). Asia Pacific represents one of the biggest skincare and cosmetics market for different types of women.

In their marketing and communication , we can see how Wardah perfectly mirrors a tendency that in the West is shyly uprising. Focusing on a niche and including while embracing step by step . A win- win combination that has establish Wardah as a leader in that market,

This is the question that emerging beauty brands will have to give answer during their venture & funding process.

Because an announced success is for those who can iMagine & Acquiring the differences.

Ph cover by Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash