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Storytelling at NYFW with a Modest flair

Starting season for SS19 collection from New York Fashion Week. In a time frame where the US socio cultural background has become more crowded of different representatives, the fashion scene is paying more attention than ever to include and light the front beam on Modest…


Sustainable fashion, inspired by Marija Handmade

Over the past few years fashion industry has turned attention to sustainability and eco-friendly production system. Recently we’ve experienced large companies banning out the use of animal skins furs, such as Burberry , and the birth of slow fashion movements. It’s not as surprising as…


Tribal days- Gulshaan event in Paris

Il corpo è l’interfaccia tra noi e il mondo ed un vestito è il nostro linguaggio con cui dialoghiamo con esso. Credo di poter riassumere così il talking dell’antropologa Laurence Lecuyer, che lo scorso sabato ha accompagnato il lancio della nuova collezione modest dell’atelier parigino…