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Sustainable fashion, inspired by Marija Handmade

Over the past few years fashion industry has turned attention to sustainability and eco-friendly production system. Recently we’ve experienced large companies banning out the use of animal skins furs, such as Burberry , and the birth of slow fashion movements. It’s not as surprising as…


The Bauhaus influence- Bint Thani collection

The Bauhaus was a historical artistic movement that found its roots back to the 1920. It was not only a school but really a seed that flourished into a complex relationship between art and technology since nowadays. Since the Weimar times , architectures from all…


Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2017

Modest Fashion marked another step before the end of this year. We can now say that 2017 has been an important time for Modest fashion , especially to define it as a movement. From this point and on, we have to call Modest Fashion as…