My name is Eva Cordioli, I am a Modest fashion expert with more than 4 years of experience in the industry. In 2016 I was a pioneer in Italy in launching the very first blog focused on Modest fashion, I am Shahrazad , with the purpose to create new storytelling on Modest fashion, from a different perspective.

The first time the word Modest crossed my path was in late December 2015 at the occasion of the new D&G's abaya collection launched in Dubai. I was totally fascinated and yearned to know more. I started searching around but the literature on that subject was really skinny, except in the USA , UK and UAE where there was a rising community of fashion designers, ambassadors and personalities making the world aware of the Modest movement. It was the right time to join the conversation.
Since then I supported the most important Modest Fashion events such as Dubai Modest Fashion Week, Fashion Forward Dubai, Sommet International de la Mode in Paris, IFDC's Modest runway at Torino FW and Milano FW, Caftan du Maroc and Oriental Fashion Show in Paris.

Furthermore, I collaborated in building an enthusiastic Modest fashion community on theShukran, the photographic social network for Muslim culture. Over the years I have acquired significant experience in this industry niche, by building marvelous relationships and working with amazing people to promote the Modest lifestyle worldwide.
Through I am Shahrazad my mission is to support and share the Modest fashion movement and its values through different topics: the influences of Middle-eastern culture, the importance of inclusivity & diversity and sustainability in the fashion system and the influence of art in Modest fashion aesthetic.

I am Shahrazad by Eva Cordioli