About Modest Fashion – How would you interpret it?

At this point of our travel into the Modest fashion path, we want to sit down for a minute and make a reflection. A few weeks ago we watched a video on Vogue Arabia- that in the end turned to be our Holy Book and main source of inspirations in this journey- a video about what is the definition of Modest fashion and the attribution Modesty. We need to have clear in mind that Modesty is not a simple fashion trend. Since 2016 it is a Fashion movement itself. It’s a breeze that from the Middle East, in a short while has found several speakers and advocates in Western countries as well, such as USA, UK, France, Spain.

Social activist & designer Safina Abdallah paved the way for a reflection about how Modest movement is interpreted by different people. She directed a Hijabi/ Non-hijab campaign , by introducing a conversation with a few Modesty ambassadors like the government council member and speaker H.E. Sara Al Madani, H&M’s first hijabi model, Mariah Idrissi, NYC influencer Maria Alia, and LA-based journalist Shyema Azam.

Before going further in reading, please take a moment to watch the video she directed here .

Still frame- Vogue Arabia Hjabi campaign, by Safiya Abdallah

How many definitions can we collect about Modest fashion? Is it only about wearing an hijab? Is it only by covering? Is it something linked with our personality and our approach to life? Does it belong to a specific cluster of cultures?

For us, for me, for what lies behind Shahrazad, Modest fashion is a movement that can connect many different women around the globe. Nowadays the role of women has increasingly changed. We’ve turned to be social activists, entrepreneurs, strongly committed to our values and we want to carry on a valuable life and to teach it to our children. We believe in talents, in being greatful, in team working with other women like us. We believe that cultures can meet each others, they can create a dialogue, they can make bridges. We are individuals and not categories.
We joined this Movement because we firmly believe that what it seems different at a first glance, it becomes to be our common point of strength.


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