My name is Eva and I am an Italian traveller with a deep passion for fashion.
Through my stories I’d like to bring the reader close to different kind of fashion trends, in far away countries but surprisingly so close to us. Fashion for me is an expression of art and through its shapes, cuts and colors, anyone can find out the most suitable style to represent his/herself.
I firmly believe that different fashion styles and trends all around the world can lovely talk eachother, as if they were in a great paint.
Travel is a constant theme in my life, but what I mean as traveling is a journey aimed to discover what I do not know yet, perfumes still to be tested an cultures to be lived in.
I love coffee, red lipsticks, french style hats and oriental languages. I am addicted to dates, black chocolate and I can bear low temperatures.
As in “One thousand and one night” novel, let your imagination drives you in beautiful travels.
I am Shahrazad.