MUNAMER- the Italian luxury Modest swimwear brand launches a sales promo with theShukran

We are right after Milano Fashion Week and it’s not a secret that Italy is the cradle of design, beauty, fine arts and creativity.

MUNAMER by Chiara Taffarello is the newest luxury Modest brand, offering a high selection of burkini, made in Italy.

Creative minds lead to amazing ideas and innovation.

This week MUNAMER and theShukran are proud to introduce an exclusive sales promotion with the luxury modest swimwear brand, created by the Italian fashion designer and business woman Chiara Taffarello.

MUNAMER presents a premium Modest swimsuit collection driven by a new idea of burkini, with different fits, designs, colors and prints.
It transforms the idea of burkini into a brand new concept of modest fashion, dedicated to sophisticated women looking for something to stand out and express their own personality, without compromising their culture and origins. Each swimsuit is entirely designed and produced in Italy, where Chiara currently lives and for each piece, she selects only high quality textiles, produced in a small Italian textile laboratory near Ancona ( Marche region).

Ph(c) MUNAMER collection

Grown up in Treviso, close to Venice, Chiara Taffarello started her career in fashion in Milan, where she graduated in fashion design. Because of her work with denim and casual wear brands took her to travel to different parts of the world and it was at the time of a journey to Pakistan that she learnt about Muslim culture and Modest fashion. As a result, in 2016 she launched MUNAMER with the aim of creating a new colorful lifestyle concept for Muslim women who love life, travel, do sport and live the beach time according to their choice of style.


“I think there is a huge demand for modest swimwear and the market mostly offers unsophisticated and uninteresting products. I strongly believe that MUNAMER offers something special and unique; it gives the customers something that they were not able to find up ‘till now”, as Chiara explained.


MUNAMER’s SS19 collection,”Sunrise to Sunset” was introduced during latest London Muslim Lifestyle Show and it welcomed a huge success. The reasons are well explained by Chiara : ” MUNAMER celebrates Islamic and more discrete women giving them the opportunity to enjoy their time at the beach while feeling on trend, fashionable, elegant, feminine, comfortable and at the same time respecting their choices of modesty. This brand appeals to proud women who want to take care of their body and mind and want to express their personality, while respecting their culture and origins. “


Modest fashion has always had a strong voice within theShukran, the first social network created by the Muslims to the world and now it’s time to give to all our Modest fashion lovers a special gift!

From September 24th to October 1st, you can get a 30% off on the exclusive burkini collection on  Munamer e-shop , by using the promo code SHUKRAN30.

This is an exclusive opportunity to discover an amazing and creative brand, with a marvelous interpretation of Modesty.

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