In the era of Capsule – Ramadan collection makes its room

In a time where capsule collection is the most refrained binomio in fashion magazines, you may have come across to another particular and dedicated “capsule”.
the Ramadan collections are the most searched and buy outfits of the season. Starting from the end of April, major retailers internationally and nonetheless locally, have promoted the launch of a Ramadan style collection , in order to celebrate Eid occasions with the right, proper outfit.

Among capsule and croisière vagues, the Ramadan looks captured the attention (and willing) of online platforms. In the first place we have the Modist , the n.1 e-shop destination for Modest ladies, that beyond its brand, Layeur, includes also a range of high premium luxury brands approaching Modest taste. On the website, you can find a special section entirely dedicated to celebrate Eid, with a wide choice of kaftans, loungewear with coordinated accessories. Other platforms are taking the wave, such as Net A Porter , gathering more than a dozen Ramadan collections – 17 to make a point- H&M , which has engaged itself to cater a part of its new Spring collection to the Holy month and , of course, Farfetch , always in the mood for Modesty, has created a whole section for EID inspirational look on its website.

theModist website

The list of brands, e-shop, individual designers offering Ramadan inspired outfits are not easy to count.
However, Ramadan collection are not in a virtual shop only.

In Bahrain, at Saks Fitfth Avenue Middle East you can browse the selected finest Ramadan collections signed by twenty one local designers, who expressed at their best a wide range of long delicate outfits all along Ramadan Designer Fair.

While in Riyadh and Jeddah, Fashion Forward Dubai  gathers around a Ramadan pop-up event at Rubaiyat Ladies store, running until June 3rd., featuring brands coming from the Saudi region.

ph(c) Sara Gi collection available at Saks Fifth Av.

ph(c) Ingie Paris, Ramadan collection available at Saks Fifth Av.

ph(c) Fashion Forward Dubai

And what’s is going on in Indonesia?
There, it has been time for fashion week too, as witnessed by the presence of Jakarta Ramadan event : a whole week for panels, workshop and fashion catwalks celebrating the spirit of the time in a B2C event and the moment for the launch of Modest Fashion Fund, an accelerator program for Modest fashion founders Indonesian designers & brands.

ph(c)-Jakarta Ramadan Official

The Holy month has become an occasion with a perspective, that doesn’t belong to Middle East only, but it’s true that is most recognized in this geographical area. Modest fashion introduced a global phenomenon , leading fashion retailers and distributors to open their views, by paying attention to a strong demand. Modesty promoted a fashion style which goes together with diversity and inclusion. So we can argue a question :how much Ramadan collection can impact and generate revenues for those companies introducing inclusivity, so then, enlarging their collections to a special single momentum of the year, such as Ramadan? How much impact can have a Ramadan capsule collection, against any another, with no such a targeted focus?
As the facts and interests expressed by the companies mentioned earlier, the next croisiere could be linked to a different approach, more in line with values and requests rising within the fashion niche. A response to a new generating movement where the diverse, is whom not taking part of it.


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