“Contemporary Muslim Fashions“ landed in Frankfurt

Modest Fashion has landed to Europe, with the exclusive & not to be missed exhibition “Contemporary Muslim Fashions” starting in Frankfurt from April 5th.

After the huge success recorded at deYoung Museum of Fine Arts in San Francisco, “Contemporary Muslim Fashions” is very first exhibition on Muslim fashion style that takes on a journey into the different shades, from regions to identity concept, revealed by the Modest lifestyle. This time the exhibition has opened its doors in Europe, at Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt.

Germany has become increasingly more interested and quite sensitive to Modest movement. A first step can be tracked back to last January when the international fashion trade show Gallery Düsseldorf dedicated an entire section to Modest fashion, introducing the well established German Modest designer Mizaan – already appreciated with great enthusiasm during the 1st edition of Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2017.

Recently, the Berlin based magazine Kultur und Kreativpilots , gave a well precise description of what Modesty is about : “an inclusive movement that builds bridges and unites women – regardless of their origin, skin color or religion.”

The first release of the exhibition, curated by Jill d’Alessandro,together with Professor Reina Lewis , Laura L. Camerlengo ( as we talked before in this article ) had exactly this intent. The chance to make this marvelous story travelling through art museums worldwide, contributes to nurture the basements of knowledge for this solid bridge, as shown with elegance and sublime aesthetic in the official publication of the exhibition.

At Museum Angewandte Kunst, Dr. Mahret Ifeoma Kupka and Prof. Matthias Wagner K took the honour to coordinate the mise on place of a pioneering event in the EU.

Let’s melt into the beauty of Modesty! Connect to the official website of Museum Angewandte Kunst  for more info and check out the dates for Contemporary Muslim Fashions Forum, running during the weekend of April 12th-13th.


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