When Finance enters Modest niche

It’s a recent news from the last days that the Modist received investments from Nicola Bulgari PV vehicle, Annabel Investment Holding and Farfetch .
Who is Nicola Bulgari,what are Farfetch and especially what is the Modist about ?
Nicola Bulgari, is the vice chairman of Bulgari group, with major activities in the luxury sector, from perfumes, jewelry,watches, fashion. The Modist is one of the leading e-retailers,hosting more than 180 designers and brands offering high end Modest fashion collections, launched by Ghizlan Guenez , founder and CEO of the group, with a previous ten years path in the finance industry.The Modist also launched in 2018 its own Modest brand, Layeur.
Farfetch is one of the coolest and stylish e-places for shopping, based in London, one of the biggest online luxury retailers
and the first to think that in comparison with all the other fashion platforms, there was a huge need in differentiating its fashion proposition, so why it went ahead to the Modest niche.  The liason between Farfetch and The Modist was set in place on last September 2018 , when the platform started hosting a few outfits signed by Layeur .
This move was aiming to fill a huge gap in the market. And when it’s about to think strategically, then you have other players coming up.
Last June, the Modist already secured a $15m from Vaultier7 and now it’s the turn of Nicola Bulgari’s investment company to join the conversation.

Before the Modist, dated back to late January, there was the news about Modanisa, the first e-commerce platform based in Turkey, which sold a minority stake to Goldman Sachs and Wamda Capital. Recently, Modanisa also received a second important investment from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Why all of a sudden, finance has become so interested in the Modest fashion field? What outcomes are they expecting?
When investing, be sure you carry on a diversified portfolio.
Women are becoming more conscious about their role and they want to spread on a social message. Modest fashion, as said many times before, is a not a trend, it’s a real lifestyle, a real movement and as shown by the two examples above, a growing business.
Modest fashion was born originally as a lifestyle embraced by women wearing a hijab, for religious matters, but over the years , it embraced more adepts, such as women who wanted to feel at their ease in a dress, without showing their body, for ethical or personal reasons. During a time where judgements are easy to be made ( or better written), Modest fashion goes beyond that and it has become an appropriate way of style, along with an estimated business valued of $368 billion by 2021, according to Thomson Reuters report. Furthemore, The Modist and Modanisa show a double approach to Modest style: high end luxury and ready to wear.
If it’s true that good investors are really hard to come aboard on a project, when it comes to new demands and diversification (concerning industry/ geographic locations/ risks) mapping in depth an always driving industry as fashion, could lead to new (financial) opportunities.


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