Storytelling at NYFW with a Modest flair

Starting season for SS19 collection from New York Fashion Week.
In a time frame where the US socio cultural background has become more crowded of different representatives, the fashion scene is paying more attention than ever to include and light the front beam on Modest representation in their venues and storytelling.
Modest coverage has already taken the heart of paper and web magazines , in the voice of Harper Bazars , British Vogue, CNN styles and last but not the least Forbes, that defined the 250$billion industry as a “combination of sophisticated marketing and high-minded self-expression”.

Noor Tagouri, 25 years old Libyan American Journalist, already portrayed on Vogue America and Vogue Arabia (February issue), walked the stage this Sunday for NewYorker designer Rebecca Minkoff and it hasn’t been a Modest collection only.
After Alima Haden , who took the scene in Alberta Ferretti and Max Mara, Noor contributes to nurture an “entourage” of Modest models included in the fashion mainstream, since Minkoff’s collection was not catering exclusively for Muslim women, but for many. #IAMMANY , as written by the designer on her IG post , symbolizes the wide, different role taking up by women in society : mom, wife, worker, icon, speaker, creative thinker, ambassador.

PH(c) Rebecca Minkoff on IG

PH(c) Rebecca Minkoff on IG

Furthermore, it’s a new beautiful way to enrich a traditional storytelling.
As Business of Fashion states that “designers at NYFW are opting for alternative off the runway approaches to storytelling” , it sounds a great idea opting for a storytelling on the runway, marked by representation, inclusion… as a support to the socio-cultural background mentioned above.

PH(c) Rebecca Minkoff on IG

Since a few times , on February 1st we celebrate World Hijab Day. It’s not a parade or fireworks event like New year’s eve, but it’s an event to bear in mind that we are human beings, with the chance to leave this world with a footprint called humanity. When news ( and not so rarely politics too) remind us of a gap in cultural appropriation and diversity, we must strive to shout out that we can create boundaries and that human value is the most valuable and earnest aspect in our life.
We, as human beings, must looked back into our vocabulary, where we can find words such tolerance, compassion, connection, understanding, development. Nobody can advance in solitary , but side to side with others.

Development has its root in sharing, in creating bridges, in every single industry.


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