Sustainable fashion, inspired by Marija Handmade

Over the past few years fashion industry has turned attention to sustainability and eco-friendly production system. Recently we’ve experienced large companies banning out the use of animal skins furs, such as Burberry , and the birth of slow fashion movements. It’s not as surprising as it could be , since in the end human beings have revealed their inner soul and the need ( Hopefully!) of respecting the roots and the fundamentals of our lives.

Modest principles are not far from these points. Creating in the Modest environment has to comply with norms as respect and creating values for others. In the Modest lifestyle no harm has to be considered and ethical forms of textile works are the only welcome along the production chain.

Talking about this view , we had the pleasure to meet Marija during latest Torino Fashion Week, where she talked about her vision in designing and producing her brand Marija Handmade.
She is a textile designers from Serbia, with those words in mind (and at heart) : Organic, fairtrade, untreated and one word SUSTAINABLE.

“I always tried to find out how the nature of freedom can go hand in hand with timeless values, traditional style, endurable quality and a spirit for classy, by respecting individualism and uniqueness of every woman and man ” as Marija explains, “How can couture please the lifestyle of people who care about themselves and their environment? I tried to give an answer to those questions by establishing my brand almost 10 years ago in my hometown Šabac, in Serbia.

New Arrivals MHM – Ph(c) Marija Handmade

Marija Handmade understands the enduring value of natural materials , traditional methods, and quality production, so she love to address to strong woman personalities. As she says, “Marija Handmade glorify and accentuates the inner Woman, her style. Her personal life. Strong, majestic, authentic, genuine, confident but not conceited. Proud, but not arrogant, gentle, but not indiscreet.” It embraces wearable fashion garments and home accessories – for people all over the world, seeking authentic beauty.

Wearing Marija Handmade scarf- Ph(c) FatnaElHamrit

“We all need to know that authentic couture does not cover our bodies only, it merges with our bodies and our personality“- as her MOTTO claims.

Her inspiration comes from within herself, not only from the outside. She can find inspiration from the beauty of her countries, her hometown roots, the beauty of her cultural heritage. Then she translates it into unique handmade scarves with a deep research in texture and design, such as her special designed handmade silk scarf- as a best seller product of Marija Handmade- long dresses or new adorable combinations of long ponchos. Organically and fashionably, by sourcing 100% natural fabrics and raw materials.

MHM Collection – Ph(c) Marija Handmade

She continues, ” I had a good luck to introduce my work at fashion shows in Serbia, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, but also in 5 Australian cities (Sidney, Melbourne, Brisbayne and Perth) .All those experiences influenced my work, by improving and developing my brand and for me to grow as a designer.”

Marija also highlights the great impact that textile industries has on planet pollution, as classified at the 2nd position among worldwide industries: “We need to get back to a real natural sustainable materials, as a wool, or raw cotton, line nor silk are. To buy less, but to choose better to have it longer.
Let our clothes captures a special story… The joy of inspiration…
The adventure of passion… The care of home…”

Marija Handmade is going to launch her 2nd collection, for more inspirations have a look at her official website .

Wearing Marija Handmade scarf- Ph(c) FatnaElHamrit

MHM Collection – Ph(c) Marija Handmade

With Marija during TFW 2018- Ph(c) FatnaElHamrit


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