On the crest of Hijabi Surfers- a visual story

Waves of the sea, the sound of the ocean that pervades our senses: the water coming from afar, ‘till the seashore, the foam hitting the rocks, the scent of salt and sun. Nobody can be immune from this kind of beauty, to this subtle declination of poetry. You don’t need to be a writer, a poet, an artist or whatever in order to appreciate a similar view. We don’t need to be anything else, but ourselves, to feel alive in our environment.

The beautiful image of the ocean is recurrently told in photography. It turns out to be the perfect stage for fashion adv, but what we capture from it is the silence of a resonant message to be spread. In this sun-drenched August, the pages of Vogue Arabia narrates a tale, towards which someone cannot be but enraptured. Images, faces, gestures, landscapes that speak on their own, words are not needed. Just stop and gaze.
The Hijabi Surfers in Iran, it’s a project illustrated by the Italian photographer Giulia Frigeri.
The magnificence of a sea that leads hand in hand the excitement of young women, facing the crests of the waves in their hijabs.
It’s a manifesto against any selection or gender exclusion. If he can make it, why couldn’t I?
It’s a research made with passion, a perseverance in the love toward the inner being of a woman.
Limitless, beyond the borders. In the land of Baluchistan, in the Gulf of Oman, near to Pakistan and Afghanistan borders. This story began in 2010 when the Irish surfer Easley Britten landed to Iran. Putting on a hijab swim-suitable, in 2014 she took part to Waves of Freedom, a nonprofit organization that helps empower girls and women through surfing in the poorest parts of Iran.
Britten paved the way of surfing in the region, together with snowboarder Mona Seraji and diver Shahla Yasini.
And it’s Shahla Yasini the main character of the photographic novel designed by Giulia Frigeris’s camera. The hijabi Surfers, this story is dedicated to them. A story of freedom, of a voice that wants to push the borders beyond any intersection of gender, age, ethnicity, membership.

We cannot give you further details about this tale, we can only invite you to read their story among the virtual pages of Vogue Arabia .

Keeping it quietly, under your breath, you can hear its afterglow and depth, ‘till the waves touch the board.

PH (c) Vogue Arabia shooting by Giulia Frigeri.

PH (c) Vogue Arabia shooting by Giulia Frigeri.

PH (c) Vogue Arabia shooting by Giulia Frigeri.

Right here to find out more about  Giulia Frigeri’s work


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