The Bauhaus influence- Bint Thani collection

The Bauhaus was a historical artistic movement that found its roots back to the 1920. It was not only a school but really a seed that flourished into a complex relationship between art and technology since nowadays. Since the Weimar times , architectures from all around the world have been inspired, influenced, contaminated by one of the most significative European artistic wave.  When Walter Gropius gave birth to it, he was aiming to show a new respect for craft and technique in all artistic media. Years after , fashion design has recorded a spell from the shining Bauhaus school and in the textile and design classes , talented designers make their own view , applied to elegance , class and minimalism.

This is the case of Bit thani , the Dubai based brand we met at Angela Quaintrell showroom in Paris , during latest Paris FW, where she debuted her ready-to-wear collection for AW 18-19 “Bauhaus Influences”. The brand was launched in 2012 by Khulood Thani, who graduated in Fashion Management and Marketing from ESMOD Paris and pursued then her studies with a Masters degree in Strategic Marketing from the University of Wollongong and a B.A. in Marketing Communication from Zayed University in Dubai.

Khulood has always been inspired by Fashion and History and since the very beginning design and art movements feed her creative mind. The Bauhaus influence of the latest Parisian collection can be seen in the choice of colors and the asymmetric silhouette : red, white, black and green hues embrace the silver and green-blue. Versatility in every single piece, like the long soft touched trousers, revealing a long skirt on the back. Reinventing the silhouette and matching the contrast, such a heritage from the Bauhaus age. The shapes of a modern woman are wrapped in a soft light texture.

Ph(c) Bint Thani courtesy

To be noticed : the choice of the fabric. In the research for minimalism, Bint Thani sourced its fabrics from Japan and they are exactly those one used for the Japanese kimonos.  With OEKO-TEX® certification* , Khulood has kept in her brand the willing to respect the environment and to ground her Modest design within a conscious and ethical fashion choice.

Bint Thani keeps an eye on the aesthetic bejeweled by accessories, such as the green eye. It turns to be a perfect pochette for the jacket.

Ph(c) I am Shahrazad


Do not miss Bint Thani next Ramadan Collection, from 25th to 28th of April at The Annex, Burj Khalifa in Dubai and discover more about the marriage of Art and Fashion.

Ph(c) Bint Thani courtesy

Ph(c) Bint Thani courtesy

OEKO-TEX® certification means fabrics were tested for harmful substances and produced sustainably in accordance with OEKO-TEX® guidelines.


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