Routine session with an interview: Sumi and Nike Pro Hijab

A couple of weeks ago I was watching the finals of Winter Olympic Games and every time I am literally captured by the beauty of the figures designed by the ice skaters. There are 2 particular disciplines I love during Winter Games: ski jumping and ice skating. The first one is a reflection of courage- when facing challenging times, think about those taking that breath- while the second one is a revelation of elegance, sensibility, a ballet attitude.
Last year ice skating Olympics qualifications saw for the first time the presence of an athlete coming from a Persian Gulf State, such as Abu Dhabi. Her name is Zahra Lari and she was the first professional figure skater in wearing an hijab during a worldwide competition. In 2017 Zahra marked also the scene together with other powerful athletes such as Manal Rostom and Amna Al Haddad, as they turned to be the Ambassador of Nike Pro Hijab , by supporting Nike’s online campaign, “What Will They Say About You?” and encouraging women in the region to push the boundaries when pursuing their dreams.

This has been, without doubt, a great step forward and a brand new break in the Modest apparel wardrobe.
But how did the Nike Pro Hijab really change the sport routine?

We sat for a conversation with Sumi, young Italian woman in her 20, coming from Modena- home town of a popular luxury car enterprise and one of the most elegant Italian fashion houses- who tried the revolutionary Nike apparel. Between classes at University in her town, where she attends a Bachelor in Foreign Languages, activity as a writer for a few blogs and afternoons out with friends, Sumi loves to train 3 times per week and for her, Nike Pro Hijab got things so much easier. “With a normal scarf, you have constantly to worry about adjusting it and the heat sometimes cannot be bearable. Now , you can focus only on your training”. , she stated.
Easy to wear, easy to wash, easy to adapt it to a more casual daily outfit , even when it’s not the time to push hard at the gym. What we loved in our conversation is that Sumi revealed how much support she got from one of Nike Pro Hijab Ambassador, the amazing super runner Manal Rostom: ” We could exchange on our experience, our training and Manal encouraged me by telling that firstly I have to study to pass the exams!”

A common request, such as a Modest fashion sporty apparel, gave the chance to boost a new wave of voices in the women talking panel. We can perceive that it shortens the distance too. Nike Pro Hijab has been an innovative solution to start making a few questions or better, to give answers by finding how much determinations women can show and how perceptions can be rearranged , like the ski jumpers are used to do.

A very huge thanks to Sumi for her lovely conversation with us and for sharing her experience with Nike Pro Hijab 🙂


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