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New York fashion week came in a rush, like the unpredictable snow in Paris of the latest week.
Reading the newspapers in the past few days , we spotted a few remarkable things to get highlighted on our Modest Fashion booklet. Let’s start from the very beginning.
Last year it was Anniesa Hasibuan , the first Indonesian designer showcasing during NY fashion week on NYFW February 2017. This year is time for another amazing Indonesian talent , named Vivi Zubedi.
Among sounding labels- such as  Marc Jacobs and Alex Wang –  Vivi was the only one representing an hijabi women on stage, introducing her collection “Urang Banua” a homage, a grateful tribute to people of Banjarbaru and Tanah Bumbu in South Kalimantan, Indonesia.

But in the US , not only the catwalk have recently turned the eyes on Modesty. Started from February 15th , Macy’s-one of the US premier retailers-  will include on their e-commerce space a Modest choice, signed by Verona Collection. This marvellous partnership has a story behind . Verona was 2017 graduate of The Workshop at Macy’s, the retailer’s minority- and women-owned business development program founded in 2011. From a project in class, this has become a reality.

“Through The Workshop at Macy’s, we want to nurture and support minority- and women-owned businesses to build their capabilities and become the next generation of retail partners,” as reported by Shawn Outler, Macy’s executive vice president – Licensed Businesses, Food Services and Multicultural Initiatives, on Macy’s press release .

From Feb.15th you can find online at Verona’s choice, made up by a wide range of modern dresses, pants, cardigans, tops and hijab . A fresh breeze which embraces the need of a rising fashionable cluster of amazing women.
These fabulous occasions are creating a whirl of interest and NY may be the next destination to host a unique Modest Fashion show on itself. After London, Paris, Dubai … maybe it’s time for its turn. The big apple with its multiculturalism can be ready to embrace this new emerging lifestyle.

Get on Verona’s website to choice your look!

PH (c) Verona on Instagram

PH (c) Verona on Instagram

PH (c) At

[caption id="attachment_1024" align="alignnone" width="559"] PH (c) Verona on Instagram


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