Rawan Maki- the first sustainable abaya in MENA region

Modest fashion has become an increasing fashion movement, which does not include a fashion trend meaning only, but it embraces all the aspects of a lifestyle a single woman chooses to adopt. Modesty is in every single gesture and in the conduct of life, based upon simple principles of respect, compassion and giving value to life. For this reason Modest fashion has something to do with sustainability and eco-system respect as well. Fashion and textile are among the most polluting industries on the globe, so it’s our responsability to take care of our environment and make a conscious choice even when we feed our wardrobe. Shifting our eyes to the Middle east scene, we found a Bahrain designer, Rawan Maki who takes this matter at heart and gave birth to the Arab World’s first sustainable clothing brand.

Former environmental engineer graduated from Yale and later converted to the fashion design lane, thanks to her design background, Maki has always nurtured a strong attention for the environment we’re living in and a great vision for meeting beautiful garments according to the peace of nature. In March 2017 she firstly showcast at NY Fashion Week a limited 11 pieces collection. She set from the very beginning that her collection was mostly envisioned and aimed to the Arab women as she realized the actual need of an environmental friendly and sustainable clothing brand in the Middle East region. Her label creates linen trousers, handbags and gowns in a limited quantity and all manufactured by sourcing recycled, organic, and low-impact materials.

For her debut Fall/Winter 2017, named Waves of the Future, Maki created the first sustainable abaya made by recycled plastic bottles and peace silk, cultivated without any harm, taken from silkworms died naturally.
In the mid of August Rawan Maki launched her firs online store , which will meet for sure the environmentalist approval. Each collection piece has a short description about the garment inspiration, the textile sourced and further the leftover materials , gained from the dresses cut, can have a second life to accessorize the collection, such as zero-waster headbands or bracelets.

As stated, Maki sources GOTS certified fabrics only, farmed organically, made with low impact dyes, consuming a low amounts of energy during their production process. The sustainable and conscious approach of her collection complies also with the Modest halal principles, in which garments and accessories must go under a no harmful production process , without the usage of haram animals leather.
The perfect dress for a perfect Modest woman.

Get to know more about Maki’s collection .

Off White Floweret Abaya- PH Credit Rowan Maki’s website

Off White Floweret Abaya- PH Credit Rowan Maki’s website


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