Take sport session to a Modest route- Nike Pro Hijab

Early morning is usually the perfect time for a running routine. I love large landscapes, where the countryside embraces the city centre. It seems to say: you can go as far as you can , you can escape for a while but you will come back to reality eventually. Despite the first 10 minutes of your waking up call , when you’re trying to push yourself out of the bed, the time later, when you start your running routine, you can feel a great calmness through your body, a sense of freshness as long as endorphins increase in feeding your brain with positive vibes. Running is probably the best method to keep away stress, bad thoughts and to get back to yourself.

People who attended the latest NY marathon on November 5th, may agree with this. Well, they might prepared themselves very hard to achieve this great goal- not a 30 minutes morning routine like mine 😉 and this competition is something that always fascinate many women around the world.
Sport disciplines have such a good effect on everyone and if you ask to every single woman how does she feel after a sport session, the answer will be the same: ” I’m done, but I feel good”. When we train we choose the most comfortable outfit, so nothing can disturb our moment. We have to avoid distractions and keep pushing.

During a travel, I come across an article about how women in the Middle Eastern countries train themselves. They wear an hijab every single day and because it accompanies them in every single daily gesture , it will be involved in the sport session as well. Hijab are mostly produced by using polyester, or linum, or better, silk, but imagine while running or playing tennis, it would be difficult to fix it properly. Anyone noticed it during these years? The answer is, yes! Not a case, during International Women’s day on early March, one of the leading sportwear brands in the world, Nike, launched a new sport and fashion apparel catering the Muslims womens’ needs: the Pro Hijab. Made of a lightweight, stretchy mesh polyester material, the Nike Pro Hijab comes in 3 different colors: gray , black and obsidian. Where will we see it? There are great Modest sporty women who became the Pro Hijab ambassadors and we bet you will see them at worldwide competitions .

Manal Rostom, runner and triathlete currently living in Dubai, recently certified as a Les Milles athlete, last Sunday she run successfully the NYC marathon and debut the Nike Pro Hijab in her first Major Marathon in NYC. As Nike Pro Hijab faces, we can see in her the potential of every women in running and pursuing a sport career without limits, without borders.

PH (c)- Nike Pro Hijab campaign

Zahra Lari, the first figure skater from the United Arab Emirates, with her crystal blue eyes and the elegant attitute while swipping on the ice can rotate easily without worring about the hijab goes everywhere round.

PH (c)- Nike Pro Hijab campaign

Amna Al Haddad, Olympic weight lifter from the United Arab Emirates, conveys to us a simple message: yes, women can uplift everything in her life.

PH (c)- Nike Pro Hijab campaign

We cannot wait to see these powerful girls in action and as far as we are concerned…keep pushing on that morning running routine girls!


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