Modest icons- Queen Rania ‘s elegance

When we talk about Modest fashion, it does not mean only to be wearing a dress that cover up your body. Modesty has several meanings: a few are related to the religious sphere, others to a minimal and modern approach to style, to choose a simple cloth and to feel comfortable in a delicate but accurate look.
Among different approaches to Modest fashion, we have choosen a fashion ambassador of elegance, who perfectly represent all the meanings we have in mind about Modesty: simplicity, style, good taste, a valuable life, committment in her job and in every day life. Queen Rania and her modest look has caught our attention and we couldn’t miss to talk about how she can turn into a source of inspiration.

Rania Al-Abdullah , born Rania Al-Yassin since March 1999 is the Queen consort of Jordan. She is known for her advocacy work in differents fields such as education, health, community empowerment, cross-cultural dialogue and micro-finance. She was named UNICEF’s first Eminent Advocate for Children and in 2009 she became Honorary Global Chair of the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative.
Over the years Queen Rania has become an icon of elegance, by showing the appropiate outfit according to the single context she attended. We see her as an example of Modesty in her dress choice, as she mirrors a committed woman with a great sense of compassion, moved by a passion for taking care about others.

We have selected four looks that we really loved as perfect examples of a Modesty intepretation and we found the white color and its nuances to be the best selection in her style.

A first outfit is from her recent meeting with a few Jordan’s Tawjihi students, where a simple white chemise and a long pink pale skirt wrapped her up in a color palette, giving evidence of her simple beauty.

PH (c)- Queen Rania IG account

A second charming look was at the occasion of the 71st Anniversary of Jordan’s Independence Day celebration, when she showed up with a stunning long white dress with an insert of berber motives, that resulted in a magnificent blanket.

PH (c)- Queen Rania IG account

PH (c)- Queen Rania IG account

A third outfit is a combo of ocra trousers and a silk long blouse, which reminds of a kimono style, with these fluffly large sleeves, worn last year during a meeting at Mashes Secondary school in Jordania, where it’s on practice the Queen Rania Teacher Academy’s Pre-Service Professional Diploma Program. The golden flowers printed on the right side of both the end of the blouse and the sleeve, together with a simple belt, are perfeclty combined with the tones of the trousers , by creating a well balance geometry in the lenght.

PH (c)- Queen Rania IG account

A more traditional look is our fourth choise. Queen Rania has at her heart the development of local talents and we loved this beautiful caftan from the Jordanian Kumbaz Fashion label, where the classical embroidery meets a classy style.

PH (c)- Queen Rania IG account

Now we’d like to know from you ..who would you see as a Modest fashion ambassador?

We would love to hear from you!


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