Fashion Forward Dubai takes the taste of the Middle East to Paris

The sunny spells of last Friday welcomed to Paris a special event, where the scene and the glam of the fashion week along the parisian boulevards met the elegance and the passion of a few talented designers coming from the Middle East. At the Intercontinental Hotel in Rue Scribe, we enjoyed a wonderful apres midi during Fashion Forward Dubai event in Paris. We were headed to find more Modest inspirations and along the way we discovered how many talents and unveiled brands are still to be known. Fashion Forward Dubai is one of the most important event in the Middle East area, held twice a year in Dubai with the aim to promote the emerging designers from MENA region. FFWD has not limited its appearence to Dubai only, since in August 2016 FFWD launched EPIC- Empowerment Program through Industry Collaboration- an empowerment program endorsed by the Dubai Design & Fashion Council and supported by Dubai Design District (D3), that provides business development opportunities to regional fashion talent through a series of initiatives.
The FFWD Showroom in Paris is an important appointment within the EPIC calendar, aiming to provide Middle Eastern designers with a wider audience in the Western fashion scene , to get international exposure to a different cluster of buyers and to make people learn on the specificity of Middle Eastern taste and customers, by showing how many opportunities this new fashion area can offer.

We had the pleasure to dive into Utruj collection , a Saudi contemporary brand , with a practical modest wear approach, in which the long jackets and the soft silk abayas empower women’s beauty. Lighting and delicates colors combined with a perfect geometry of the cut lines make of Utruj’s collection a mirror of a perfect Modest elegance , in the hand of a valuable woman. We went for Modest night colors clothes , but in the end it turned that we felt in love with white and palette outifts… so that we couldn’t resist to take a walk around in the street with these, accompanied by a marvelous Geordie bag.

Utruj collection @FFWD in Paris

Wearing Utruj @FFWDxEPIC in Paris- PH Ashley Cadzow

Wearing Utruj @FFWDxEPIC in Paris- PH Ashley Cadzow

Wearing Utruj & Geordie bag @FFWDxEPIC in Paris- PH Ashley Cadzow

Wearing Utruj Abaya @FFWDxEPIC in Paris

We stopped by talking with Tania George, brand new designer coming form Jordan with a collection full of prints of what Jordanian young people and she love in her city. She studied fashion at Polimoda Firenze, Italy, and we discussed about the importance of involving in her project underprivileged local women and refugees, who have inherited their craft of tailoring and embroidery from their mothers and grandmothers.
Browsing around, we met the long pink pale exquisite elegance of Hessa Falasi, the sparkling super accesorized creativity coming from Marocco by Soltana brand and the sparkling long dresses from a singing Los Angeles by Amira Haroon.

Tania George collection @FFWDxEPIC in Paris

Hessa Falasi @FFWDxEPIC in Paris

Details from Soltana collection

Soltana Collection @FFWDxEPIC in Paris

Amira Haroon @FFWDxEPIC in Paris

It was also a time for a panel discussion where spokesperson in the Middle East scene, Ramzi Nakad, Co-founder of Fashion Forward Dubai, Clair Seffeen, Senior Women’s Contemporary Buyer, Harvey Nichol’s Dubai and Bloomingdale’s Dubai, Lana El Sahely , influencer and editor of L’Armoire de Lana and Dima PR and Marketing director of The Modist, brand new e-commerce platform for Modest wear dealt with how Middle East tastes are in need to be met locally by the global playing brands and the crucial role of Dubai in the fashion industry nowadays, especially with the growing presence of emerging talents in the area.

Next stop for Fashion Forward Dubai will be at the end of October in Dubai Fashion District 🙂