Indonesian Diversity at NYFW

There are two major appointments to be saved in our fashion agenda: February and September. It usually starts with New York and ends up with Paris.
We are talking about fashion weeks and now it’s that time of the year. Normally the prêt-à-porter collections are aiming to take the scene, but in the last few years, NY stages offered a window to the Modest scene as well, by including Modest fashion designers into the same calendar as Calvin Klein, Desigual and many others.
We cannot forget the debut from last year at NY fashion week of Anniesa Hasibuan’s collection, breaking the ground by showcasing for the very first time a Hijabi collection , gathering all the applauses from and enthusiastic audience.

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In this latest NY September catwalk, Hijabs and abayas still played the role. Five Indonesian fashion designers showcased their own collection at “Indonesian diversity fashion show” held in Chelsea, for a night event promoted by Wardah beauty ,celebrating the colors and the elegance of a modern Modest woman.
Barli Asmara, Catherine Njoo, Dian Pelangi, Doris Dorothea, Melia Wijaya and Vivi Zubedi were the selected designers who proudly presented their ready to wear outfits.
We did meet Dian Pelangi at the occasion of Torino Fashion Week on early July and at this NY show she brought batik prints and the colors of an amazing Indoesian sunset on her beautiful long dresses, fluffy trousers and she opted for a scarf wrapping a little Medieval headpiece to portray a different Modest style. As she stated, the inspiration came from the documentary ” Humans of New York”, signed by photographer Brendon Stanton where he reveals the diversity of the 8.5 million people who live in the Big Apple. Grey tones were completly banned out in her collection and replaced by all the richness of fabrics.

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Side to Dian Pelangi, we assisted the debut appearance at NY stage of Vivi Zubedi, who presented an abaya and hijab collection more focused on black tones, as used in mostly Saudi regions, by embellished them with vivid and colorful decorated scarves. Point in case, her collection was named “Mekkah, Madinah, Jannah”, citing the popular destinations for Muslim pilgrims. Not only black bound, but even gold metal and a gentle red, Vivi ZUbedi long light abayas didn’t forget the plenty of beauty of the Indonesia landscape, as the message printed on her clothes: ” All colors matter”!

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