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It’s Haute Couture Fashion week time in Paris, but I didn’t get the chance to have a proper look around. We spent a great post about the latest Oriental Fashion Show during the SS Paris fashion week, but this time what took my attention in France was a great and important project, I mean an artistic/fashion project…so I thought I will be worthy to talk about it. I love browsing on Instagram and on The Shukran , because images have a great potential indeed: if you really had a bad day, you could find back your smile or if you are looking for something interesting, you might find it.
That’s how I came across a beautiful project : My Foul’art.
You’ve not misread, My foul’art reminds to the French word foulard , as French are the 4 amazing and great women who are behind this project, with whom a sat down for a great chat.

The idea started 2 years ago, when Emma, the spoke person of the group, was with a dear friend and discussing about the hijab. Her friend showed Emma the Hijabistas world on Instagram and for the first time she discovered thousands of ways to tie a scarf and especially the beauty in wearing it.
While living in France, she was seeing veiled Muslim women suffering from prejudices and discriminations. People are put against each other and they are often scared of what they do not know. This situation brought Emma to the decision it was the right time to react! Her friend Nadia was already wearing a turban and she help Emma to build up an event to highlight the scarves art, from craftsmen to those who wear it.
Well…how many women do have a scarf in their closet? Everyone, they just use it in a different way!
From this concept, the idea to bring the scarf as a vehicle that could really bring people together…and the question was: how? By organizing a “hijab fashion week” ? A blog?
Not properly.. Emma’s aim was to make people discover different shadows of the scarf, its origins and styles through ages. What matters for her was to celebrate diversity and to invite everyone to respect each others among a multicultural society. Style and fashion need education and cultural interactions to be brought at a higher stage.
Later on her friend Assita came to help and to support Emma’s project, together with another mate, Jennifer, whom she met at the event “Osez le Foulard” , where her friend DK, also founder of the movement, was teaching how to tie a scarf in African style.

Together with her association Les Passerailes de Rosa , an Association for Cultural Diversity and Social Inclusion for women and youth, Emma launched in 2014 the My Foul’art project!
The beauty of this project lies in its social intent: to arise awareness and tolerance, to fight against prejudices and discrimination and also to give visibility to community artisans and to support the international scarf business, by creating in Paris the bulk of the foulard fashion business.
But not only, My Foul’art represents a discussion table between cultures, especially nowadays when integration among people and cultures is crucial.
In the pictures, article and post published online and through the main social networks, the foulard brings to the discover of the scarf through different times, cultures and lifestyles, in its different colors and fabrics, wore as headdress, combined with a Modest fashion dress, knoted around the neck, on the bag or around the waist.

My foul’art project involves 4 different themes: fashion, culture, religion and health.
In the fashion environment, the scarf allows consumers of every generation to customize their clothes and to decide their style. Think about the famous Hermès carré, or the latest collection by Dolce & Gabbana, Isabel Marant, Burberry, Balenciaga, just as examples where you can find the foulard as well.
Culturally, in sub-Saharan African countries the scarf is part of heritage, tradition and cultural identity, wore as headdress and a symbol of femininity. According to the manner a scarf is wrapped up, the person conveys an image of herself ,her way of life and her personality. Moreover, in the Japanese culture, the “furoshiki” is the bride veil, and much more cultural occasions are where the scarf plays a main role.
On the social networks, Muslims women brought up to life the phenomenon Hijabista & Turbanista, by showing that wearing a scarf isn’t really a disadvantage, but a choice that can be integrated within fashion and habits; it is part of their everyday life. Last but not least in the health field, scarf represents a nice alternative to conceal hair loss, often complicated to accept during disease. Each women needs to feel her femininity!

Emma’s project is on the line of a fashion and cultural initiative, which bring a great social media impact. As she stated “Every fashion/cultural project refers to dress codes, habits, and cultural practices, which has an influence on how we perceive our environment. Codes that we don’t know can raise our curiosity or can make us worried and influence our relationships in a positive or negative way.”

My Foul’Art represents every woman and also every man around the world, every person willing to build peace and to understand a world through this accessory. It stands for empowered women who are not afraid to stand for their lifestyle.
I am Shahrazad indeed is a great supporter of all these wonderful women!

My Foul’art still has something in store and brand new initiatives to come up..but great surprises cannot be revealed so easily. I can only say we will meet Emma and her team soon, perhaps in a special dedicated event, we definitely won’t miss!

PH credit Hermes page- Hot to tie a Hermes carré

PH credit Hermes page- Hot to tie a Hermes carré

in my foulard !- I am Shahrazad

In my foulard !- I am Shahrazad


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